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Hi all! This past week has been absolutely crazy in Buffalo! A huge lake effect snowstorm descended on Western New York last Monday night, and buried our area with over 7 feet of snow over the course of 3 days. Driving bans were in effect for several days, people became stranded on the Thruway – which was shut down – and in their homes, and Gov. Andrew Cuomo called in the National Guard to help Buffalonians dig out of the snow. The Buffalo Sabres vs. New York Rangers hockey game was canceled Friday night, and the Buffalo Bills vs. New York Jets football game was canceled Sunday after over 200,000 tons of snow fell on our outdoor football stadium. The entire Western New York area was paralyzed by this storm.

buffalo bills snowvember

Courtesy of Buffalo Bills

UB was not directly affected by feet of snow, but the surrounding suburbs were and many students consequently could not safely get to class. The university canceled classes Thursday and Friday as Erie County was in a state of emergency and the governor was calling for federal aid from FEMA to help pay for damages. Many students were unable to make it to class, or drove to campus and found themselves unable to make it back home. I had a friend stay with me for the entire week because it was unsafe to try to get back to her house in a small suburb south of UB. To make matters worse, after the snow stopped falling Friday, it started to rain, and flooding began in many parts of Western New York.


One thing that did come out of this crazy storm was the generosity and selflessness of the people of the City of Buffalo. Buffalonians joined together to combat the effects of the storm and helped neighbors shovel snow off of roofs which were harrowingly close to collapsing, trekked through blizzard conditions to the store to purchase supplies, and dug each others’ cars out of the snowbanks Mother Nature formed. UB students were able to witness firsthand how Buffalo doesn’t let a little bit of snow stop us.

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<![CDATA[Phi Alpha Delta ]]> Tue, 25 Nov 2014 06:00:43 +0000 Hi guys!

On Saturday November 15, I officially became a part of UB’s chapter of Phi Alpha Delta, a professional co-ed international pre-law fraternity. I have spent this entire semester getting to know current brothers and learning more about the field of law through their experiences preparing for law school. I have met some incredible people since I decided to join Phi Alpha Delta, and they inspire me to want to use knowledge of the law to change the world. Our fraternity participates in UB Relay for Life every spring, and holds other philanthropy and fundraising events throughout the school year, including volunteering at Habitat for Humanity in Buffalo. I am very excited to start my own preparation for law school and I think that belonging to an organization like Phi Alpha Delta will make my excitement grow that much more.

2014-11-15 19.53.16

Above is my class and our current e-board. UB has several professional fraternities, some centered around certain interests like law, pharmacy and business. If you are interested in these fields or meeting new people, I recommend thinking about getting involved!



“Law and order exist for the purpose of establishing justice.”
- Martin Luther King, Jr.

<![CDATA[Do you want to build a snowman….. ]]> Thu, 20 Nov 2014 05:19:32 +0000 Snow Day! Snow Day!

I am sure that all of you have been hearing about the Lake Effect happening in Buffalo right now. Here at UB, things have been running as usual until a few hours ago when we all got the alert that class and activities would be canceled for Thursday! Personally, I view this as an opportunity to get work done earlier than I would have been able to, catch up on sleep, and get things in order for Thanksgiving Break!

I hope that everyone else who is being affected by the snow more than us is staying safe and warm!