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I am sure that all of you have been hearing about the Lake Effect happening in Buffalo right now. Here at UB, things have been running as usual until a few hours ago when we all got the alert that class and activities would be canceled for Thursday! Personally, I view this as an opportunity to get work done earlier than I would have been able to, catch up on sleep, and get things in order for Thanksgiving Break!

I hope that everyone else who is being affected by the snow more than us is staying safe and warm!

<![CDATA[That Final Stretch until Finals Week ]]> Thu, 13 Nov 2014 15:16:27 +0000 In a month from now, I will have taken my last final and be on my journey home for Winter Break. I can’t believe that I am almost mid-way into my junior year. There is only a week and a half until Thanksgiving Break and then after that last week of classes before finals. However, I am definitely starting to feel that slump of going to classes and barely paying attention especially when waking up to a few flurries this morning.

How does one get out of this slump? The Answer: It is different for every person. I know, so useful but in reality what might work for me may not work for other people. For me, it’s taking advantage of the free time that I have just to relax. I do this by making plans with friends that I haven’t seen in awhile and just hanging out. Talking to people, and being around other people energizes me. I then transfer that energy over to throwing myself into my work and re-exciting my self for classes.

Looking ahead and thinking of all the wonderful things in the future helps me a lot too. This includes having a wonderful Thanksgiving Dinner, going Black Friday shopping, and finally going home (I haven’t been home since June) after Finals are over.  Thinking of these things, helps motivate me to get my work done, and pa more attention in classes to make sure that I end the semester strong.

For other people, taking that time to relax could include napping, watching tv/movies, going to the gym, eating comfort food, etc. You have to find that balance in your life so that everything doesn’t stress you out.

<![CDATA[Let Them LOL :) ]]> Tue, 11 Nov 2014 15:11:22 +0000 ***This week, I am going to take the time to blog about a charity that is very important to me. This is not directly related to UB***

My first year at UB, I was a part of Leadership House, a living and learning community for thirty lucky freshman. As part of the requirements for being in the program, we had a mandatory 25 community service hours to complete every semester. One of the girls who lived across from me, Mary Beth (soon to be sophomore roommate and close friend) had family that was involved in an organization that was located in Buffalo. Thus, I and many others were introduced to Let them LOL. Let them LOL works to raise money to build wells in Sierra Leone in order to provide fresh water to the communities over there. After volunteering a few times, we got to participate in their 3rd Annual Water Gala and it was truly an amazing experience. Flash forward two years, and this past weekend I volunteered for the 5th Annual Water Gala.

Looking back at the first year, there have been so many changes to the gala: bigger venue, supporting an orphanage, and more volunteers to name a few. Everyone who is a part of LOL are volunteers, and each year I have seen more passion to making every aspect better. The student volunteers are known as Water Ninjas led by Jason and Jessica Papas during the Gala. This year, three years of Leadership House represented as Water Ninjas, no longer trying to fulfill a requirement.

The three years of LH

The three years of LH

All of us got to the venue, located in downtown Buffalo, at 8:30 AM to start setting up for this year;s gala. There were two very prominent parts of the decorations that really stuck out to me. The first was the lego wall that two Children had come up with and made representing the 4000 children that die every day from lack of water. Every single lego piece was donated along with another donation to a well. In the picture above you can see part of the lego wall, but this picture captures it better:

Lego Wall

Lego Wall

The second part that I felt was very inspiring was the experience that we built that guests would walk through when they first entered the gala. I can’t describe in words how beautiful it was and can show you through this picture:


After many hours of working on the set-up, all the volunteers helping out at the gala changed and learned our positions for the night. There are many different ways in which someone can donate money to the organization throughout the night.  First, there are the three different auctions: Chinese Auction, Silent Auction, and the Live Auction. Second, you could purchase special LOL merchandise (changes every year) and items made in Sierra Leone. Third, there are donation slips on the tables for attendees to donate during dinner. Throughout the night, the ninjas are very busy working the auctions and the merchandise table, but we do get a break to see the presentation during the dinner.

The presentation told the story of LOL through videos of homages from the Board members and footage from the trips made to Sierra Leone every three months.  One quote that stuck out was ” We empower those experiencing an unjust suffering by providing them with basic resources a community here with a  community there”. LOL doesn’t just build wells for the communities, but LOL actively checks up on each community during each trip, provides maintenance for the wells,  and opened a children’s home for orphans. It is amazing to see how far LOL has come from starting out with just selling ringtones of one of the co-founder’s laugh to raise money.

I am grateful becoming a part of Leadership House , because I got to become a part of such a wonderful organization. I have formed close relationships with not only other students, but the board members of LOL as well. My goal one day is to go on one of the trips to Sierra Leone. My advice for anyone who wants to come to UB is to get involved with something you are passionate  about. Not everything has to be something on campus, but could be in the community as well .

For more information about Let them LOL visit their website here: