University at Buffalo Admissions' Student Bloggers Most recent blog entries by the University at Buffalo Admissions' student bloggers. Thu, 18 Sep 2014 10:59:06 -0400 PHP 5 en <![CDATA[UB vs Baylor ]]> Wed, 17 Sep 2014 14:52:02 +0000 UB football hosted Baylor for Friday Night Football on ESPN this past weekend. Ever since the football schedule had been released during the summer time, there had been excitement for this particular game. After an amazing season last fall with two of our players getting drafted, playing against a seeded team was a great honor.

Leading up to the game, our Bulls were 1-1 in the season. True Blue, the club that organizes the fan sections for all UB athletic games,  started promoting that the night game was going to be a Black Out. This meant that not only our players would be sporting new gear, but all the fans would be decked out in black as well.  One of the shops on campus started selling special addition black out shirts as well. On Thursday, the day before, True Blue and athletics hosted a night to hear the coach speak, get free food, and watch Remember the Titans. Although it was cold out, it was a lot of fun!

Go Bulls!

Go Bulls!

On Friday, as it got closer to game time, the campus was full of students, faculty, alumni, friends, and family roaming around campus in black. There were multiple tailgates going on to get everyone pumped up for the game. When students entered the stadium, they were given signs to hold up for the game. The stadium was packed! I think we might have broken the record for most attended game, but don’t take my word on that. The energy was so high, with True Blue leading us in our usual chants to psych out our opponents. Seeing all the school spirit made me brought to be a part of the UB community.


<![CDATA[Welcome back & catch up ]]> Mon, 15 Sep 2014 04:38:19 +0000 Hi guys!

Welcome back to a new school year! I will be continuing my blog this year, so look out for exciting things that are happening at UB! I’ll be sure to keep you updated about everything this school year will bring including concerts, football and hockey games, Distinguished Speaker Series events, extracurriculars and further exploring the City of Buffalo. But first, as this past spring was super hectic at the end of the semester, I want to catch you up on some awesome events that I didn’t have time to post about during exam week.


Distinguished Speaker Series: David Blaine

UB hosted a night of magic when the university brought David Blaine to speak and show off his skills at the final Distinguished Speaker Series event of the year. David Blaine is a world renowned magician who opened his show in Alumni Arena by holding his breath in a tank of water and fish for 10 minutes while managing to eat a banana, juggle, smoke a cigar and pull an eel come out of his mouth. Blaine also performed some card tricks and drove an ice pick through his hand while telling the audience about how he became interested in magic. His show was very intriguing and served as a great study break!


Spring Fest

Spring Fest is a concert sponsored by the Student Association held every spring. It is completely free to all UB students. Spring Fest 2014 was country-themed; The Band Perry, Gloriana and Citizen Cope headlined. I love country music and had a blast listening to Gloriana and The Band Perry live. They were amazing! Their energy and stage presence blew the audience away and kept us warm in the 40-degree weather we had that night.

IMG_2711   IMG_2746


Oozefest is UB’s annual mud volleyball tournament held in the spring. This was my second year participating in the muddy fun, and my team decided to continue our team name and theme from last year: Wilson, the volleyball from the movie Cast Away. We all met up the night before the tournament and decorated matching tshirts. The weather for Oozefest was much warmer than the previous year and we had a ton of fun playing volleyball in the gloppy mud. We played three games before we were taken out of the running. I love playing volleyball, and playing in a pit of mud definitely makes it more fun for everyone involved.

oozefest7   oozfest6


“Oh pioneer, so young and brave, be careful of the careful souls who doubt you along the way.”
- The Band Perry


<![CDATA[Top 50!!!! #GOBULLS ]]> Fri, 12 Sep 2014 13:40:25 +0000 This past Tuesday, UB broke into the top 50 best public “national universities” in the country for the first time ever, earning the No.48 spot according to U.S. News and World Report.  Additionally, among both public and private national universities, UB ranks No. 103 and among public universities is ranked No.1 for lowest student debt.. As one of many students that goes to UB, I cannot express how proud I am to attend such an amazing university.

After the past three years attending UB, I can see why we have finally cracked the top 50. I have had the opportunity to learn from top professors, participate in various projects, and enhance my non-technical skills as well. Each year, I have seen the school make small changes and gain achievements to make our school better as part of the UB 2020 plan. This ranges from the remodeling of two of the largest lecture rooms on campus, the addition of the Winter Session for classes, new outdoor pursuits available to students, Khalil Mack getting drafted, and even President Obama taking the time to speak at our University.

It is also gratifying knowing that when you attend UB, not only are you getting an education that is quite competitive to other universities, but you won’t have as much student debt as everyone else.  One fact that was astonishing when I read the article about our school from U.S. News was that UB students who graduate with debt has an average amount of ,455. Additionally, 55% of students graduate with no debt at all. I can only imagine how great a feeling that is to know you either don’t have to pay debt or it only will take a few years to pay it back.

I cannot wait to see everything else that UB has in store. From what I have seen so far, UB is only getting better and I am sure that in ranking reports for next year, we will be even higher.

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