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One thing I really love about UB is there’s always stuff going on around campus. There are a ton of sporting events, volunteer opportunities, concerts, and clubs to get involved in. The Student Association is the student government on campus that is in charge of all the clubs on campus and manage the 130 clubs on campus. There’s all sorts of different types of clubs organized into different councils, from Table Tennis to Skydiving and everything in between. Whatever grabs your interest I’m sure UB has it! A complete list of recognized clubs are available at the Student Association website.

One club I was a big part of as an undergraduate was Pre-Pharmacy Club. It was a great club to get involved in since it helped me meet upperclassmen who were always there to give me advice and keep me on path for Pharmacy School. I also got to meet new friends who were in my major, as well as become part of the leadership of the club. The club had guest speakers from the School of Pharmacy as well as offered students volunteer opportunities, research opportunities, mock interviews, study sessions, etc. I am so grateful to have been a part of this club as well as the many others I got involved in. College has so many great opportunities, never get to wrapped up in your academics that you forget to get involved and enjoy the experience!

<![CDATA[Textbooks Textbooks Textbooks ]]> Tue, 06 Jan 2015 17:36:06 +0000 Made it through my first semester of Pharmacy School! So excited to say I have made it over the first hurdle, though I know there will be many more to come. Now at home I have been visiting with family and friends,celebrating the holidays, and of course working as many hours as possible. I work as a Pharmacy Technician when I am home whichis a great experience because it helps me be familiar with the different drugs as well as how a retail pharmacy works.

One thing I do every winter break is go through my old textbooks to see what I don’t need anymore and want to sell.I feel that it’s not necessary to keep books you will never open again, especially if they cost a lot of money $$$.There are a couple of different options at UB to be able to do this. One is selling it back to the bookstore. This isa great option, especially if the textbook is bought from the bookstore or is a specific UB textbook. There are always tables around at the end of the semester around campus to make it easier for students to sell back their books. Another option that is new is the University at Buffalo Exchange ( This is where you can buy and sell textbooks to other classmates. Click on the link to check it out! Lastly, there are plenty of websites that will take back old textbooks you want to sell. I prefer to use since as a student you can get Amazon Prime for free.

I know the cost of textbooks will at first look frightening, but don’t freak out, get the textbooks you need, and then remember to sell those books back to either at the bookstore, to a classmate, or online. :) textbooks

<![CDATA[Finals Week ]]> Mon, 08 Dec 2014 20:21:58 +0000 Most people who aren’t college students right now are listening to Christmas music, decorating the tree, making hot chocolate, and watching ABC’s family’s “25 Days of Christmas.” In an ideal world, I would be doing all this too! But college students know all too well that before we get to enjoy all this fun, we have to get through the final push of the semester; finals week.

I have three more tests to go, just finished my first one earlier this morning. It is funny because though we don’t have any classes anymore, it doesn’t feel like the end of the semester until you finish that last test and head home. During this week, I spend almost all my time studying besides eating and sleeping. It’s great to study in any of the libraries because they have Stress Relief during the week, where they have therapy dogs and free snacks! This morning I got up early to prepare for my test and studied in Kapoor Hall, which is the home of the UB’s School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences (UB SPPS for short).  The next time you hear from me I will be done with this semester :)


Kapoor Hall this morning