University at Buffalo Admissions' Student Bloggers Most recent blog entries by the University at Buffalo Admissions' student bloggers. Wed, 27 Aug 2014 06:59:05 -0400 PHP 5 en <![CDATA[The After Opening Weekend Rush ]]> Tue, 26 Aug 2014 16:07:20 +0000 It doesn’t matter if you  are a commuter, resident, first – year student, or returner, Opening Weekend is UB’s way of welcoming everyone into the family. There are activities starting with an Ice Cream social in the residential halls the Thursday before classes begin and ending with a Late Night Pancake breakfast the Sunday night before classes. It has been an interesting transition for myself first experiencing Opening Weekend my first year to actually becoming an integral part in making sure that Opening Weekend goes smoothly. Although I could go on and on about the different activities that everyone could come out to, I am only going to talk about my favorite ones which include the Interlocking UB, Welcome Back Bash, and the Late Night Pancake Breakfast.

Since I am a part of Student Life, I actually got to help paint the Interlocking UB for the second year in a row. It takes about three hours (sometimes more), but it is worth it a few days later seeing all the students come together for one of UB’s biggest traditions. The Interlocking UB is always on a Friday and scheduled right before the picnic. Even though the time says the event doesn’t start until 3:30 pm, we have a line of over 2,000 students waiting to grab their free shirt to get in on the action. Each year the inside and outside colors of blue and white switch  to keep things looking fresh. It is so hectic making sure that that everyone is placed correctly, as we also have staff members on the top of Clemens looking down on us to make sure the picture will turn out good. All the hard work pays off as here is a picture (not the final one):


On Saturday Night is always Late Night UB’s Welcome Back Bash for the students! This involves an indoor foam pit, lots of dancing and music, food, crafts, and a mechanical bull.  The foam pit  is one of the most interesting things that I have seen throughout my career here at UB. The line is always insane, and people seem to have a lot of fun in there! This year I was a floater helping  to make sure the food and soda was stocked, and shoveling the foam back into the foam put after students get out.  Over 1,500 students come out for the first event, it’s crazy.

Finally, on Sunday Night is the Late Night Pancake Breakfast. My co-worker Peter and I made handing out one piece of fruit fun by chanting only one and making it a game for the students to chose their piece of fruit wisely. Once again, I am shocked at how many people come out to grab some free food the night before classes.  As the night concluded, my staff entertained the students with #codeblue, and other group dances.


My Staff

This weekend made me so grateful to be part of such an awesome community. Everyone is so friendly and is happy to help you out whenever you need it.   Now it is off to classes as I end this post!




<![CDATA[All Moved in!!! ]]> Sun, 17 Aug 2014 05:53:48 +0000 Today I FINALLY moved into South Lake, an on campus apartment complex here at UB near Alumni Areana/ CFA. I am so excited to be living with my friends Tiffany and Sarah. The year will be amazing!!
Living on the third floor was a little rough moving in, but it was well worth it with the higher ceilings in the living room and the extra exercise during the school year. The complex was entirely redone with new flooring, living room area stuff, and all new furniture for the rooms. (pictures will be posted at a later date!) We still all have to decorate the living area space and our bedrooms, but that can be at a later date.
As I moved in, it finally dawned on me that I am starting my THIRD year here at UB. With taking 20 credits this semester, and balancing other school activities, it will be such a hectic year. I am ready to accept the challenge though. My friends and family will help motivate me this upcoming semester.
It is crazy to think that next week is opening weekend, and then the week after that classes start. I am really excited though to finally be in my Chemical Engineering classes and to see all of my friends again. As I get further into this upcoming school year, I will definitely keep you all posted, and feel free to comment to ask me any questions about UB as well.


<![CDATA[Summertime at UB ]]> Sat, 09 Aug 2014 14:03:30 +0000 First, I would like to apologize for how long it has been since my last blog post! It has been a very busy summer working with Late Night UB as we plan for the fall programs and welcome the incoming students during Orientation!  It has been interesting to see how much Orientation had grown since I attended two summers ago, and was and Orientation Leader last summer.

After school ends, everything at UB was pretty quiet except for the occasional people you see walking around taking summer classes. It wasn’t until mid-June, when all the Orientation Leaders arrived for their two weeks of training when the real fun began. That was also around the time when all the other offices that take part in Orientation were finalizing all of their plans. My office, Student Life, prepped for Clubs Fair, Club Terrace, and UB Experience presentation.  Throughout the process, I met new Graduate Assistants in Higher Education, and a ton of new friends where were just as excited as me to make sure that the incoming students had a wonderful time.


(This years crew of OLs….dont they look like fun?!)

The two weeks in June flew by, and  before we knew it, it was time for the first out of eight Orientation sessions.  Now I can’t spill all the secrets of Orientation, but I can tell you about the part that I played in it this year.  During the first day of every Orientation, my staff and I would make sure that everything was prepared for that night.  By 6 pm we were out in the Student Union (SU) setting up all the tables for clubs fair, blowing up all the balloons, and making sure the placement of clubs made sense. Then at 8, we would golf cart it over to Fargo (a residential hall in Ellicott Complex) to set up for Club Terrace. After set-up was done, a few of us would golf cart it back to the SU to table for Clubs Fair.

It was fun getting to know the other clubs on campus, and seeing the excited faces of the incoming students as they walked into the SU. It was a warm feeling knowing that every club is there to help make sure each incoming student finds their place when they arrive back on campus in the fall. I was always surprised to how many incoming students were brave enough to  jump in and do the wobble in the middle of the SU when the song came on as well.

Then came my favorite part of the evening, Club Terrace!!! There was free food, prizes, games, music, dancing, and even a community service event for the incoming students to end their first day at Orientation.  Here were some pictures taken over the course of the month:


Playing some Games!


Victor E. Bull made an appearance!


Group picture of OLs and students!


Some Students with their free Late Night Tanks!

During the night, the Late Night Staff and the OLs would teach the incoming students CODE BLUE! This dance pops up all over campus during athletic events and other school events too.  If you want to start learning  the Code Blue Dance, here is the link:  At Midnight the festivities would end, and the students would have to go back to their assigned rooms for the night or continue chatting with other students if they liked.

On the second day of Orientation, I participated in a presentation called UB Experience. There all the incoming students came together one last time watching videos of things to do at UB, hearing people’s stories, and learning the Buffalo Chant. Tons of prizes were given out during this session and soon after Orientation ended.

Now that all the Orientation sessions have been over, the month of August has been flying by pretty quickly. Before we know it, everyone will be moving into their residential halls and apartment complexes and Opening Weekend will be upon us. I will save talking about Opening Weekend for my next blog post though. I hope that everyone enjoys the last few weeks of their summer, I know I will!


My Late Night Staff this summer :)