Engineering Science BS

Engineers are problem solvers who design, invent, build, modify, and test systems and machines that impact every level of society. They use interdisciplinary knowledge and teamwork to develop and implement solutions to real-world issues; including improving sustainability, health, security, and the joy of living during the 21st century as put forth in the engineering grand challenges developed by the National Academy of Engineering.

The engineering science program has been designed to focus on hands-on, interdisciplinary problem solving to produce graduates who are able to approach problems at every level. It is flexible and multi-departmental, offering students the opportunity to pursue a unique program of study to meet their own special interests or objectives.

The curriculum is designed to meet several educational objectives. These program education objectives (PEOs) are broad statements that describe the expected accomplishments of graduates within a few years after graduation. Specific PEOs are that graduates will have:

  • A solid technical foundation
  • The ability to implement problem solving strategies in real world applications
  • Strong communication and teamwork skills
  • Understand their responsibility and impact as an engineer
  • A passion for life-long learning

The online component of the BS in Engineering Science is designed for returning engineering students who want to complete their bachelor's degree or pursue an engineering degree. This fully online program offers the opportunity to gain technical skills for greater career advancement.

Undergraduate Degree & Course Catalog - Engineering Science BS