Environmental Studies BA

Designed for students who find the environmental perspective compelling, Environmental Studies is a field that studies how human society intersects with the natural environment. The major encompasses the study of the natural and social sciences in order to better understand environmental problems and processes. Fieldwork and internships are a required part of the curriculum. Specialty tracks in the areas of Environmental Policy, Sustainability, and Environmental Resources/Management provide a body of course work and experiences that prepare a student for a defined area within the field of environmental studies.

A BS degree can generally be distinguished from a BA degree in a variety of ways. Firstly, a BS degree requires more credits directly linked to a major. Secondly, this additional coursework is focused upon mastering various technical and practical skills of that major. As a result, a BS degree allows students to experience a field of study at a more in-depth level. The Environmental Studies BS degree mirrors this description by adding additional course requirements from the BA degree in the areas of Environmental Chemistry, Ecology Lab Fieldwork and Geographic Information Systems. Most students who pursue the Environmental Studies BS degree tend to choose the more science-based specialized Track in the areas of Environmental Resources and Management whereas those students that pursue the Environmental Studies BA degree most often pursue a specialized Track in the areas of Environmental Policy and Sustainability.

Undergraduate Degree & Course Catalog - Environmental Studies BA