Film Studies BA

The Film Studies (FST) program, administered by the Department of Media Study, is an interdisciplinary BA curriculum in the College of Arts and Sciences. FST offers film-related courses from the Departments of Anthropology, African American Studies, Art, Communications, Comparative Literature, English, Media Study, Romance Languages and Literatures, Sociology, and Global Gender Studies, as well as from the Center for the Americas, taught by thirty different CAS faculty members. Throughout the FST curriculum, students approach film critically (filmmaking will be only a minor, and elective, component). They acquire historical, theoretical and intercultural tools to study films from around the world and become capable of reading the art of cinema as cultural critics. Screenings, film festivals, the Buffalo Film Seminars and FST conferences are offered to enrich students' critical film expertise in Buffalo.

Undergraduate Degree & Course Catalog - Film Studies BA