Fine Arts BFA - Painting Concentration

The BFA concentration in painting at the University at Buffalo is a rigorous intellectual, aesthetic and academic endeavor. Faculty mentor students through several courses of inquiry, enabling them to develop a personal vision that often extends the boundaries of what students might regard as painting. Diverse technical skills enhance conceptual formulation, encouraging students to discover their own practice in historical, cultural or sociopolitical contexts. From beginning painting to intermediate and advanced courses to independent studio research, painters develop a unique vision by imagining possibilities provided through course content, group discussions and exhibitions both on and off campus.

The BFA degree focuses on intensive work in Painting, supported by a smaller, more defined program of general studies in the liberal arts. Students in the BFA also take a 2-semester capstone course, resulting in a senior thesis exhibition. Because this option includes the development of a cohesive body of work, the BFA is considered particularly relevant for students who wish to continue on to an MFA program.

Undergraduate Degree & Course Catalog - Fine Arts BFA - Painting Concentration