Fine Arts BFA - Print Media Concentration

More than ever before, our world is permeated by reproductions, duplicates and facsimiles. The study of print asks us to reflect upon and grapple with questions of multiplicity, cultural history, authenticity and originality. The techniques, skills and concepts embodied in print media have never been more relevant, exciting or broadly defined.

By engaging with print processes students acquire skills through hands on learning. While confidence with tools and ideas build, students learn to recognize and refine their individual talents and interests. Print Media requires and stimulates invention, discovery, and artistic investigation while developing research and writing skills. It navigates oceans of precision, process and play, while bridging the expanse of history and information technology.

Printmaking's rich history began with hand printed woodcuts and wood engravings, followed by moveable type and intaglio processes (metal engraving, etching, drypoint, aquatint and mezzotint). Lithography, a form of planographic printing from limestone was invented in the 1790's and is still in use today. Screenprint, which relies upon a stencil, developed more recently. Contemporary forms of printmaking increasingly utilize large format pigment-based printers, along with a wide gamut of digital tools and technologies including the adaptation of industrial tools such as laser cutters and CNC machines. The print media faculty, staff and facilities provide the best of the past and present.

Undergraduate Degree & Course Catalog - Fine Arts BFA - Print Media Concentration