Fine Arts BFA - Sculpture Concentration

The study of art opens the mind to possibilities, and allows students to discover their unique skills. Artists and designers produce visual expressions of culture that investigate and redefine our world. The art program prepares students for the real world practice of art and design.

Scent, Sound, Form, Systems, Space/Time, Organic/Inorganic, Permanence/Ephemerality, Bio-mimicry, Prosthetics, Kinetics, Robotics…
Sculpture is a fluid field of endless material possibility and can exist in multiple dimensions, no longer defined as pure form but as an interplay of assembled forms involving a broad range of techniques and media. In order to provide our students with the means to better navigate an ever-changing cultural landscape, the Sculpture concentration emphasizes interdisciplinary methods and encourages conceptual/critical growth and material-based inquiry framed within an awareness of history and theory.

Students are encouraged to experiment and question artistic conventions and develop critical approaches to evolve a personal vision to fuel their aspirations. Sculpture students explore the nature of materiality through traditional object-making skills such as mold-making, welding, fabrication and foundry work, as well as through contemporary site-specific strategies and environmental or socially-conscious investigations, performance and time-based media.

The BFA degree focuses on intensive work in sculpture, supported by a smaller, more defined program of general studies.

Undergraduate Degree & Course Catalog - Fine Arts BFA - Sculpture Concentration