Fine Arts BFA - Sculpture Concentration

Scent, Sound, Form, Systems, Space/Time, Organic/Inorganic, Permanence/Ephemerality, Bio-mimicry, Prosthetics, Kinetics, Robotics…

Sculpture is a fluid field of endless material possibility and can exist in multiple dimensions, no longer defined as pure form but as an interplay of assembled forms involving a broad range of techniques and media. In order to provide our students with the means to better navigate an ever-changing cultural landscape, the Sculpture concentration emphasizes interdisciplinary methods and encourages conceptual/critical growth and material-based inquiry framed within an awareness of history and theory.

Students are encouraged to experiment and question artistic conventions and develop critical approaches to evolve a personal vision to fuel their aspirations. Sculpture students explore the nature of materiality through traditional object-making skills such as mold-making, welding, fabrication and foundry work, as well as through contemporary site-specific strategies and environmental or socially-conscious investigations, performance and time-based media.

The BFA degree focuses on intensive work in Sculpture, supported by a smaller, more defined program of general studies in the liberal arts. Students in the BFA also take a 2-semester capstone course, resulting in a senior thesis exhibition. Because this option includes the development of a cohesive body of work, the BFA is considered particularly relevant for students who wish to continue on to an MFA program.

Undergraduate Degree & Course Catalog - Fine Arts BFA - Sculpture Concentration