History BA/Law JD

The UB Department of History offers students rich opportunities to pursue their intellectual passions through diverse course offerings, covering all continents and moving from the medieval period to the present. Students learn to explain how the society we live in today has taken shape over time ‒ from our local environment and nation to global connections, from political and social circumstances to cultural and religious developments. Understanding legal systems as the outcome of historical transformations provides an advantage to students interested in studying law. Moreover, they gain skills that they can use for their future, such as thinking critically, analyzing complex issues and exploiting source materials.

The Accelerated BA to Law JD Program is a unique opportunity for undergraduate history students to accelerate their course of study by completing their Bachelor of Arts and Juris Doctor in just six years of full-time study, saving students a full year of time and tuition.

Undergraduate Degree & Course Catalog - History BA/Law JD