Medicinal Chemistry BS/MS

The B.S. in Medicinal Chemistry is designed to provide the student with a basic chemical understanding of life processes and biological control and the laboratory skills necessary for research in medicinal chemistry. Depending on the choice of electives, the B.S. in Medicinal Chemistry can provide an optimum background for employment as a B.S. level medicinal chemist in research institutes, industry and government; for entrance to graduate school in this or related areas; or for entrance to medical school. Another option for students is the five year combined B.S./M.S. program in Medicinal Chemistry. It is designed to produce graduates who are very well qualified as laboratory scientists for the pharmaceutical industry. Demand for lab technicians with strong experimental skills is high and this program is designed to meet this demand. This program makes it possible to obtain an M.S. degree in Medicinal Chemistry in only five years. Students who are interested in this program should have done particularly well in chemistry, have an interest in synthetic organic chemistry and be able to work full time in the lab on their Master’s Thesis project during the summer following the fourth year of study. This program is intensive and designed for above average students who have a clear idea of their career goals.

Undergraduate Degree & Course Catalog - Medicinal Chemistry BS/MS