Urban and Public Policy Studies BA

Urban and Public Policy Studies provides an opportunity for students to explore a number of important contemporary issues that influence life in the United States. Why do our neighborhoods and communities look and function the way they do? How are problems such as poverty, homelessness, segregation, gentrification, housing, crime, and inequality defined and addressed by policymakers and governments? What economic, social, political, and demographic factors explain why some cities thrive and others struggle? What role do public transportation systems play in urban development? When and why do governments decide to take action on a particular issue? How are policy decisions made? How do we evaluate the outcome of a given policy? What political dynamics shape our understanding of public issues? Students can explore such questions by taking courses in political science, sociology, economics, geography, and environmental design, offering a rich interdisciplinary perspective and broad exposure to different methodological approaches to the study of cities and policies.

Undergraduate Degree & Course Catalog - Urban and Public Policy Studies BA